Risk assessment and information gathering for business


Our capabilities are greater than our ambitions


Our company has been operating in the commercial security market for 18 years.


Collection and analysis of information by those who know how. This is enough.



We cannot afford mediocre employees.




Not a single dispute with the client.



Serious services for serious companies


Corporate intelligence

Based on the results of our work, you will learn much more about the competitor than they know about you

Cooperation risk assessment

Our reports help you get an informed view of the counterparty and manage risks based on the data obtained.

Gathering information

We do our best to provide our Clients with information that allows them to take advantage of the party that owns the information.

Security services

We help companies in difficult situations, but our work is aimed at ensuring that our Clients do not find themselves in such cases.

We are a small company and consider this a great advantage


Own methodology for assessing companies

Own methodology for assessing companies

We have developed and constantly improve our methodology for assessing Russian companies.

Customer needs in priority

Customer needs in priority

We value the trust of each Client and respect their interests as our own. In our work, we do not impose our own standards, but adapt to the needs and tasks of our Partners.



We do not disclose information about Clients and do not ask for letters of recommendation.

No conflict of interest

No conflict of interest

We do not cooperate with companies that are direct competitors of our regular Clients.

Access to information

Access to information

Our Clients can access all the information they need.

Speed of decision making and approvals

Speed of decision making and approvals

Representatives of the Client have direct contacts with the company management, so we quickly solve the most unexpected problems.



We will select the best performer for each task.

Low price with high quality

Low price with high quality

We don't have huge administrative costs and investments in the brand. All our resources are aimed at practical work, so the cost of our products, with comparable quality, is significantly lower than the cost of solutions from large companies.

We are proud of those who trust us


Cooperation with international companies is our priority

The main part of our portfolio is made up of contracts with companies representing world brands in Russia.

For more than 15 years

we have been linked by partnership with one of the largest law firms operating in Russia. As part of this cooperation, we have provided services to its clients – well-known International and Russian companies.



from the home region, which are included in the list of the largest.


Our key clients work in the following industries:

automotive, banking, legal services, production of building materials, construction, mining of nonmetallic materials, trade, food processing, waste treatment, and development.

You have to admit, that there must be special reasons why large companies have entrusted responsible security tasks to a small team for over 18 years. We don’t know how to be big, but we know how to do our job better than many.



52 Glagoleva Str., Kaluga 248021, 3rd floor.


+7 (4842) 40-01-02


Legal information

Name: Stealth LLC
Registration date: 16.01.2003
INN/KPP: 4028028229/402801001
OGRN: 1034004600211
Head: Nikolay Alekseevich Grigoryev
Address: 52 Glagoleva Str., Kaluga 248021, 3rd floor.

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